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At James Rae Heating, we take pride in the service we provide for our customers in Glasgow and the surrounding area. James's extensive experience, competitive prices and trusted advice will help guide you through any heating project no matter what size.

Our Services

Boiler and heating installations

Boiler & Heating Installations

Fitting boilers is our thing. We can offer you the whole package, from advice on what boiler suits your home and needs best, a quality installation, and great aftercare that includes at least a five-year warranty. Working only within Glasgow and the surrounding areas also means that we can be there if you need further help with your installation.

Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs

Even if we haven’t fitted your boiler, we can offer a service or repair on your heating system. We work a variety of hours, meaning evening and weekend calls are available. A service on most boilers costs £60, which includes a free carbon monoxide detector if you don’t already have one.

Heating Upgrades

Heating Upgrades

We can offer first class advice on how to improve the efficiency of your existing heating system. Our company also offers a wide range of services, from installing thermostats on your hot water cylinder and radiators, installing an internet controller to use via your smartphone or flushing out your heating system using additives, or in some cases, machine.

Gas Safe Advice

Gas Safe Advice

Our knowledge and experience in the trade mean that we can offer peace of mind in relation to all of your gas appliances. We also offer Gas Safety Checks for landlords, but can arrange these directly with the tenant, whatever suits your needs.

Renewable Systems

Renewable Systems

Our services extend to renewable heating and hot water systems. As we move to a more sustainable future, James Rae Heating can provide you with the expertise to plan and install an eco-friendly solution for your home or business. We will supply and fit your new professionally designed air source heat pump or solar thermal system to the same exacting standards as our gas heating and hot water systems.

Heating & Plumbing Service

Heating Service

If you are renovating or building a new home, we can help. We have experience in both and can give you a price to carry out all of the heating services from start to finish. Our contacts in the industry mean that we can also introduce you to other tradesmen as committed to great quality workmanship and customer service as we are.


Central Heating

Central Heating

At James Rae Heating, we offer a wide range of services for Central Heating. Our specialties include, upgrades on all existing systems, as well as full systems fitted. We work on both new builds, and renovations, replacing or adding radiators or new valves, and flushing out systems using additives or machine.

Commercial Boilers

Commercial Boilers

Our business extends to Commercial Boilers too. We can provide full design, installation, service and repairs, as well as Gas Safety and Energy Efficiency checks on all boilers fitted. We offer a five-year warranty on all boilers, and can install hot water cylinders and calorifiers too. We can also design, supply and install renewable and hybrid systems in a commercial setting.

Need a new boiler?
We've got it covered.

Our boilers can help you save on both gas and maintenance bill, and with a five-year warranty on all boilers fitted, you have peace of mind too. We offer local and reliable services, at fair and reasonable prices and provide quick and hassle-free installations tailored to your needs.

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Domestic Plumbing

Air Source Heat Pumps

Economical and eco-friendly, heat pumps capture heat from the ground or air to keep you warm in your home or business. We typically fit air source heat pumps which can be fitted as your only heat source and can also be added to a new or existing gas or oil system, known as a hybrid system. Our systems are designed specifically to suit your property and will include any required upgrade of pipe-work and radiators to ensure it can operate at maximum efficiency.

Commercial Plumbing

Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems

Solar thermal panels fitted on your roof collect heat from the sun to provide you with piping hot water. Typically part of another heating or hot water system, a solar hot water system can also be added to existing renewable systems to boost your green credentials. If you are planning to install a new hot water cylinder it may be worth considering a renewables ready model that can be used to form part of a solar hot water system now or later.


Underfloor Heating

We install wet underfloor heating that use a system of pipes under your floor to provide a more comfortable and even heat than can't be achieved with radiators. The perfect partner for air source heat pumps, underfloor can also be added to gas or oil-fired heating systems retrospectively or when planning a new build property or extension.

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